Giro D’Honey

Come grab your favorite bike and join in on this first edition of the Giro D’Honey, where we will travel from Copenhagen to Honeyland Festival on every Danes’ favorite transporter: The bicycle. The stage will be going through the beautiful farmlands of southern Sweden, and the rocky hills of Bornholm, all the way to the festival.
We will drop our luggage on the bus before setting out on the first stage of the day. An approximately 75 km ride, in slightly hilly, but gorgeous Swedish farmland from Malmö to Ystad. There, a ferry awaits to take us to a second much shorter (Only 25 km), but even more amazing ride along the rocky coastline from Rønne, all the way to the Honeyland festivitas! We will set a welcoming pace, which would suit most, but we still have a ferry to catch. Every bike and their owner is welcome, but take into consideration your own ability to be pedaling close to a 100km in a day. So, channel your inner Lance Armstrong or Rolf Sørensen and come join me on a sweaty but satisfactory way to this year’s festival!
I’ll bring tools to fix smaller “on the road” problems or a flat tire. But remember a full water bottle or two and a juicy lunch box. And of course, you will end up having your own bike on Bornholm to take you swimming in the ocean or cruisin’ downtown.