Honeyland Palace present this year’s festival at Bornholm! 
4 days packed with music, visual art, films, workshops, talks, poetry and camping. An experiment challenging the concept of a festival, celebrating the unseen and unsettled.


Honeyland Festival 2017 takes place on northern Bornholm the 3rd-6th of August. A wide spectrum of concepts, that all grows from our essential ideas of interactive culture, stimulation of creativity and creative pioneering. And also the focus on challenging art and festival-spirit. 

There will be a scene, an art- and workshop-zone, an amfiscene for talks, performance and poetry, the “teknohytte” (a small hut that functioning as a DJ-scene and a shop/bar), a field for camping, a piece of forest open for creative ideas and finally a foodzone for communal vegetarian dining morning and evening – all serving for the purpose of the mentioned activities 

The line separating different ways of participation will be vague, since everyone will be equally put in terms of their roles at the festival. Everyone will be encouraged to bring their instruments, art props, stories and to unfold all their ideas at the festival. We especially encourage people to make their own art, workshops and performances. 

This is also why we underline our invitation to the Honeydays. The two weeks prior to the actual festival start will be weeks of endless creative expression. We open the gardens as a platform where you can help us, or build and create within your own visions, using the physical frames of the Honeyland Palace and its gardens and also the useful junk we’ll import from local junkyards.

To make it easy to arrive at the Palace, we’ll arrange busses going from Copenhagen directly to Honeyland. You will be able to buy a ticket including this transport.

An early bird Honeyland ticket including transport will cost 600 kr. for both ways. The 4 day pass will be 240 kr, including camping and access to all facilities and activities. A one day ticket is 80 kr Food and drinks won’t be included, but will be as cheap as we can make it. 

Honeyland Palace is an organization whose main purpose is this festival. Apart from that, we have made events in Odense Musikbibliotek and Dome of Visions, Århus where the frame of the festival has been compressed and presented in different ways, in collaboration with other concepts as Visage, Copenhagen and Røde Himmel, and different artists. Before the festival, we will also host a pre-event in Copenhagen and Hamburg. 

Apart from curating events and the festival, the offspring label Honeyland Records has also come out of the many collaborations the organization is tangled up in. The first and so far only release has been the Himmelrum album released in may. 

The HAW Department Design of Hamburg has created a course where design students from multiple countries in Europe work together to create a magazine and to develop animated visuals for the scene, all in line with the Honeyland spirit, on Honeyland Festival 2017. Following this, we will also curate a pre-event with concerts and art on HAW in june.

You can also read about the festival in the danish magazine Passive/Agressive here